The soulful tune of this iconic track, Piya Basanti Re by Ustad Sultan Khan and K.S. Chithra has been an essential part of our childhood. Soft, soothing and beautifully portrayed by Nauheed Cyrusi, we were all captivated by this song. 

But now, there is a new version of the song starring Nauheed, and made by Rahul Singh Datta that is a millennial’s dream come true. 

Rahul, who is a filmmaker, decided to create a version of the song with Nauheed, that we just can’t stop watching. It is an aesthetic dream, recreated with Mallika, an artist in New Delhi and Kabeer Kathpalia, a music producer from Ahmedabad, and hits you right in the nostalgic feels. 

I have grown up watching this song and had the biggest crush on Nauheed growing up. Somehow because of the internet, she and I became friends on Instagram. And we had to make something together. 

-Rahul Singh Datta

Watch the full video here:

So pure and beautiful.