For anyone who’s still not over ‘rasode mein kon tha’, the producer of this hit Kokila Ben mashup, Yashraj Mukhate is out with a new track. 

This new mashup called ‘Zakurrr’ combines a series of sequences from comedian Zakir Khan’s stand-up routine. It features some very popular terms used by the comedian such as “Hmm. Achha Theeke. Do minute baat karti hai, kehti hai wow. Rhythm hai.”

The song basically kicks after Zakir uses his comedic phrase ‘Muskan Ki Chamkan Kahin Aur’. The desi beats combined with these very funny phrases makes you look at the ‘sakht launda’ in a whole different light. 

Netizens loved this new mashup too and couldn’t help praise Yashraj’s talent. 


The video has already crossed 400,000 likes since Wednesday morning and makes us appreciate ‘badal‘ a little more.