The fifteen-year mission of the veteran Mars rover, Opportunity was finally declared over by NASA after the agency lost contact with it during a dust storm in June last year.

Source: New York Post

According to The Guardian, it was unable to recharge its batteries. Hundreds of messages which were sent from Earth remained unanswered over the months.

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The mission's end was announced by Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA's associate administrator of the Science Mission Directorate. 

He said that the rover remained silent after a last-ditch effort to contact it on Tuesday.

Opportunity landed on Mars in January 2004 shortly after its twin, a rover called Spirit. 

Together, the pair were part of NASA's Mars Exploration Rover programme. However, Spirit got stuck in Mars' soil in 2009 and was declared defunct in 2011.

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People took to Twitter to bid the Opportunity rover a bittersweet goodbye.

Opportunity rover spent over 15 years and clocked up more than 45km of terrain exploration. It has also sent back 2,17,594 images from Mars.