Do you people wanna hear a joke for the day? 

Meet Tucker Carlson, an American Television host, Fox News anchor, and White supremacist who has recently given a pro-British rule monologue that is now viral on Twitter.

In his problematic rant defending British colonisation, this man questions India’s inability to build one beautiful building like the ‘Mumbai train station’ that the Britishers built. He says British Empire was more than a ‘genocide’ as it left behind an ‘entire civilisation in India, a language, a legal system, schools, churches and public buildings.’

Note how the same age-old argument of building train stations is slapped on our faces whenever some random douche wants to defend the inhumane British occupation of India. As if they did it for us and not expanding and sustaining their empire in India. As if without them, we would have been unable to achieve anything on our own.  As if they’re our benefactors, and we had to be colonized, exploited, and fragmented for GOOD. 

This matter-of-factly tone is nauseating. Justifying the extent of brutality of the British empire with subjective, convenient, and hypocritic take on history is appalling. Glorifying violence and calling the British Raj ‘impressive’ and ‘benign’ with an obtuse logic is heights of delusion.

And Mr. Carlson sounds more like a propagandist and an ignorant prick when he questions the status of our buildings, but Desi Twitter has a befitting reply for him.

Shashi Tharoor had once given a passionate speech explaining how ‘Britain Does Owe Reparations‘ on the very grounds of the British Empire. Guess Mr. Carlson needs to see such stuff before spilling random sentences!

For their own convenience…

Isn’t it shocking? The audacity of this man to go on television and spill sh*t like that! The British Empire left our economy in scrambles with people divided and millions dead; they didn’t give two effs about us. STOP DEFENDING IT 75 YEARS LATER!