According to a report by Business Today, Netflix is planning to experiment with its pricing model so as to increase its presence in India.

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Currently, of all the video streaming channels in India, Netflix is the most expensive platform. Which is why, in a bid to attract more customers in India, Netflix may roll out lower cost subscriptions.

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According to Greg Peters, chief product officer, Netflix has a long road to go in India. 

We are just getting started in India. We will experiment with other pricing models and see how that does in terms of being able to accelerate our growth and get more access. But even on the existing model, we feel like we have a long runway ahead of us in India. 

Netflix also plans to spend a considerable amount in developing original content for the Indian audience, and have already released the Hindi originals Sacred Games and Ghoul to positive results. 

If Netflix does go ahead with a lower subscription plan, not only will it give considerable competition to Hotstar and Amazon Prime, it will also mean a few more weekends of Netflix binging. And that's always a good idea!