Despite a 10% decrease from the last year, as per the new national corruption report, bribery is still a major concern as one in every two people in India have paid some kind of bribe in the past year.

India Today

survey conducted by social media platform LocalCircles and independent anti-corruption advocates Transparency International India (TII), found that incidents of bribery have reduced by 10% over the past year. 

However, it remains rampant, with 51% of respondents admitting that they had paid some kind of bribe.


press release from TII quotes, “Corruption, over the last several decades has been a part and parcel of daily life in India.”

The published survey gathered 190,000 responds across 20 states of India. Around 24% of respondents have admitted that they had paid bribes several times in the past 12 months, while the remaining 27% said they did it only once or twice.

India TV

The biggest sectors of corruption were property registration and land issues. Around 19% of respondents said that they had paid most of their bribes to police in the past year. 

Not just that, the report also found that people paid bribes to the tax department, transport office, municipal corporation and other local bodies.

Northeast Now

The new measures by government are “starting to show some effects,” the report said. 

However that change has not trickled down to the local level and only 6% of people said that their local government had taken steps to reduce corruption, while many reported that nothing had changed at all.

New Indian Express

As per the Transparency International, India has a score of 41 on a scale of public sector corruption, with 0 being highly corrupt and 100 being clean. 

According to the organization’s website, any score under 50 indicates a serious corruption problem.

If people decide not to perform the malpractice and government make the rules way more strict, corruption can be easily eradicated from the county.