There have been 9 Indians who have won the Nobel prize till date.The latest in this very distinct line of geniuses is economist Abhijit Banerjee, who has been awarded the Nobel prize this year, alongside Esther Duflo and Michael Kremer.

India Times

The three of them have been conferred with the honour for  their ‘experimental approach to alleviating global poverty’.


Of the 9 Indians who have had the distinction for winning the award, Banerjee is the third Bengali, carrying the torch forward from Rabindranath Tagore and Dr Amartya Sen. 

Economic Times

So what is it about Bengalis and the Nobel Prize? Is it the Rasgullas? Us, Odias shouldn’t have taken that from them then!

Wait! Does that mean we are close to winning a Nobel too? 


Lok JK. But seriously, what the hell! Like I have mentioned before, India has had 9 Nobel prize winners. 3 of them are Bengalis. That’s 33% of all Indian Nobel prize winners. 

Basically one out of every 3 Indian Nobel Prize winners are Bengalis!


Is everybody else sleeping in this country? 

Oh and BTW, they do this kind of stuff in groups. Like today we also heard that Dada was going to be the BCCI President. 


The last time a Bengali won a Nobel Prize, it was also in October 1998, when Amartya Sen won it for ‘his contributions to welfare economics’.


At the same time, Ganguly was the highest scorer against Zimbabwe and Baba Keno Chakar had released to worldwide critical acclaim. 

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So, what the fuck is it? How are they such geniuses! If you find out, make the knowledge public. I mean, we are still trying to be a superpower by 2022, right?