On Tuesday, the Union Health Ministry said that about 1/4th of people who were made a part of sero-prevalence survey in Delhi, have tested positive for coronavirus.

To be exact, around 23% of people were infected by the virus, as noted by Dr. Sujeet Kumar Singh, National Centre for Disease Control Director.

However, it was added that the measures for control and prevention should not stop as the remaining 3/4 of the population is still in danger.

For the survey, which will now be conducted every month, people were selected from various districts across the capital according the population of the area. This was done to get an idea of the percentage of people infected in the city.

In total, 21,387 samples were taken between June 27 to July 10 and 8 out of 11 districts had over 20% of infection rate.

As per a report by Firstpost, Mr. Singh also said:

We will consult with public health experts and epidemiologists to determine if the future course of Delhi’s strategy against COVID-19 should change in light of these survey results or not.

The experts suggest that herd immunity has not been developed and that the infection is spreading fast. 

Delhi has reported 124k cases till now, out of which 105k have recovered.