We would all like to think we’ve left our childhood fears behind us. Whether it’s the school bully or the dark, these are all fears from our past. But even though we won’t admit it, there are some things that still haunt us.

1. W alking on an empty street at night.

We always turn around because we feel someone is following. It’s okay to admit it, we all do it.

2. Mirrors.

We’ve seen enough horror movies to know that bad stuff goes down the moment we turn our back on those deceptive mirrors.

3. Not dangling our feet or hands over the edge of the bed.

Especially at night. I mean, who knows what’s under there?

4. Clowns. Look at them.

There’s a reason Batman’s greatest enemy is the Joker. They even have a name for this: Coulrophobia.

5. When we’re home alone at night, we don’t investigate any weird noises.

That’s a strict no no.

6. We think twice before heading into l ong, dark corridors.

Imagine walking down one and you see a silhouette waiting for you at the other end. Or Worse. About turn!

7. If we’re not covered when we’re in bed, bad things will happen .

We don’t know what those bad things are, just that they will happen.

8. Drawing the curtains on all the windows at night.

Even the tiniest sliver of exposed window will give a deranged killer the chance to peek inside.

9. Being too scared to switch on the bedside lamp .

Who knows what’s crawled next to it, while we were deep in slumber.

10. Your cat hisses at things behind you.

But there’s nothing there!

And if none of these apply to you, then this video surely will surely send chills down your spine.


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