Thiery Henry has done it. So has Ronaldinho. Even Toni Kroos has curled the football enough to find the net directly from the corner. 


For the uninitiated, you don’t normally score from the corner. Forget nailing it into the net, even passing it for a good header is a tough job. 

But, Kerala’s 10-year-old footballer Dani PK’s corner kick had enough dip and curl to find the net from that impossible angle. 

Twitter/The Week

The goal, which has gone viral since former Indian captain Inivalappil Mani Vijayan tweeted a video of it, has earned Dani the nickname of ‘Lionel’, The Week reported.

According to the Indian Express, Dani is in the 5th grade at the Presentation School in Kerala’s Kozhikode district and plays for the Kerala Football Training Centre.

Navbharat Times

Incidentally, he also scored a hat trick in the same game on the 9th of February in the final of the All Kerala Kids Football tournament which was held at Meenangadi in the Wayanad district.


He was also adjudged the ‘Player of the Tournament’ for his 13 goals.  

Dani’s father Abu Hashim spoke to reporters about his son and said:

Football is his favourite sport. He loves it so much that no matter how many footballs we buy him, he always asks for another… Dani swears by Barcelona. So, no prizes for guessing who his footballing idol is
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Dani is also reported to have landed a role in a Malayalam film Aanaparambile World Cup, starring Vijayan and Indian international footballer Jo Paul Ancheri playing themselves.