In India, the first coronavirus case was confirmed in the state of Kerala 100 days ago. Since then India has been working hard to ‘flatten the curve’ vigorously.   

Even though the cases are rising on a daily basis, Kerala has claimed that it indeed has flattened the curve with just 16 active cases remaining in the hospitals. Finance Minister Thomas Isaac tweeted about this while mentioning that the state is bracing for the third wave of the virus.   

Following the Finance Minister’s Tweet, Kerala’s Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan shared how the state has been successful in containing the virus since January. He shared the entire 100 days journey with a video showing a series of his Tweets and thanked the people of Kerala for cooperating. 

Even though the state has been successful in flattening the curve, Vijayan added that the state should not drop its guard as it risks a third wave of rising infections. This might happen since the expats have been evacuated from foreign countries.  

Air India brought back 363 Indians to Kerala’s Kochi who were stuck in Abu Dhabi and Dubai after the nationwide lockdown and ban on flights.

Twitterati praised the government of Kerala for their incredible work. 

Out of the total 505 cases, Kerala has only 1 new COVID patient. The rest, about 97%, recovered from the illness, except four who died. The state had brought down the number of infections to 30 on Wednesday from 300 in a month’s time.The state now has only 33 hotspots.