Money isn’t something that grows on trees. Nor is it ever going to rain from the sky as many must have dreamed. But, perhaps money can appear floating in the sea, where one simply has to take a dip and grab the cash.

Source: Dainik Bhaskar

An ocean of cash might be something straight out of a wild dream, but it became a reality near Mumbai’s Gateway of India. The sight of Rs 1000 currency notes was enough to gather a crowd and leave everyone in a tizzy.

Overwhelmed residents and vendors climbed down while the tide was low and started raking in the moolah. In a free for all, Harichandra Somar a resident of Colaba, managed to collect five thousand, among many others who took a leap of faith into the sea.


But the party was interrupted by the police who intervened and stopped people from putting their lives at risk out of desperation. As authorities tried to figure out where the money came from, rumours started circulating, as reported by DNA .

Some said it was a foreigner who hurled a bundle of notes and challenged locals to fetch the cash, while others attributed it to a wealthy man who was cornered by thugs. But the moment something unexplainable happens, conspiracy theories take shape quickly.

Source: India Live Today

Many speculated that this might be a ploy by terrorists who wanted to distract authorities by creating chaos and confusion. But like others, this one fortunately also remains a conspiracy theory.

Source: Firstpost

The rupee might have slipped to a two year low but this mysterious incident certainly gave some people a reason to celebrate.