Maria Branyas is someone who has lived through and seen both World Wars and the Spanish Civil War. Not just that, this isn’t her first pandemic like it is for many of us millennials. 

She has lived through the flu pandemic of 1918-19 earlier and is now living through the novel coronavirus. She has quite literally seen everything.

But as of recently, she also became the world’s oldest reported person to have survived coronavirus at 113. To put this number in perspective, she’s only four years younger than the world’s oldest woman, Kane Tanaka. She’s from Japan and holds the record for being the oldest woman alive.  

Maria Branyas was diagnosed with Covid-19 after Spain went into lockdown in March. Maria, the great grandmother of 13 had self isolated herself at the Santa Maria del Tura care home in the city of Olot in Spain.

She was also suffering from a urine infection and was found to be virtually asymptomatic. She then later tested negative for the virus. Her daughter said:

Now she is fine, she is willing to talk, to explain, to think, she is herself again.

The survivor is a fighter and certainly extremely lucky. She managed to beat the virus that is proven to be most fatal for older people including the 17 in one day at her own nursing facility last month, according to The Olive Press.

Her achievement of warding away the virus has placed her at the top of the global list of oldest Covid-19 survivors, ahead of Holland’s Cornelia Ras, who overcame the disease at the age of 107.