11-year-old Anvita Prashant Telang from Pune has won Google’s ‘Doodle 4 Google’ contest, and her doodle will be featured on /google’s homepage as the Google Doodle on Children’s’ Day, November 14. 

Google’s theme this year for the national level competition was ‘If I could teach anyone anything, it would be’. Anvita’s winning entry, called ‘ Living in the present’ is about staying in the moment and enjoying the little joys of life. 

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The little girl, who according to her mother, often seems to be more mature than children her age usually are, tells Times of India:

“That is what I have tried to show in my doodle. I try to live in the present and not worry too much about anything. That keeps me happy,”

Sapna Chadha, Head of Marketing, Google India,  said in a statement:

“With ‘Doodle 4 Google’ competition, we aim to promote creativity, passion and imagination in younger users. We congratulate Anvita for being judged as the winner this year,” said in a statement. 

This is the winning entry. 

b’Source: Twitterxc2xa0′

 Google India ran an elaborate voting process to choose from many entries.

According to Google’s official statement, Anvita’s doodle was perfect for encouraging everyone to work towards a better, healthier lifestyle. 

Feature Image Source: Facebook