NGOs and celebrities from across the country are putting in their efforts to send displaced migrant labourers back home during the lockdown. Everyone is pitching in to avert this immediate crisis in the pandemic. 


A 12-year-old from Noida, Niharika Dwivedi decided that she too wanted to do her part and help those in need. The girl donated her savings, Rs.48,000 for the cause and arranged flight tickets for 3 migrant labourers. 


The money she donated helped the three labourers, one of whom has cancer, reach their homes in Jharkhand. 

Watching news channels and struggle of these people have inspired me to help migrant labourers in reaching home. They have contributed so much in society and it is our responsibility to help them in this crisis. I had collected 48,530 from my pocket money and I used it to help these three people out of which one is a cancer patient.

-Niharika Dwivedi

Twitter is praising the young girl for her initiative. 

The girl’s mother encouraged her work and even helped her get in touch with the people necessary so she could help the migrant labourers who were trying to get back home.