In 2004, we got a princess gem in the form of Lakshya. A film that may not have been a great commercial success but spoke to our generation in a beautiful way. 

Here are our favourite moments from Lakshya that still inspire us, all these years later. 

1. It all started when Romi’s father (MK Raina) told Karan that it doesn’t matter what job you do… the integrity lies in the perfection you put in it’s presentation. 

2. Soon Karan had a huge fight with his father (Boman Irani) when the latter insulted him for mindlessly applying to the army. That’s when Preity Zinta perfectly explained the difference between determination and stubbornness. 

3. Through Romi’s character and situation, the director showed why feminism is a much needed debate in today’s time. Especially when Preity Zinta chose to walk away from her engagement because she did not want to compensate with her dreams and career. 

4. Karan ran away from the camp and that didn’t seem to impress Romi at all. Let’s face it, Karan changed because she broke up with him, giving him a chance to grown and evolve as a person. 

5. Remember the phone call they had? When Karan called her to share his success and also made it a point that Romi knew he had finally grown out of his man-child phase. 

6. Amidst their love story we also got a glimpse into the life of a soldier. Especially in this emotional song, when Romi met Karan after a long separation. 

7. Karan was in the war zone and his father was comfortably seated on a sofa, watching TV. This beautiful scene where they both talk to each other and fix their problems left us teary-eyed. 

8. Why war? Why the bloodshed? It was Om Puri’s character who beautifully explained the tragic reality. 

9. Romi understood that Karan had changed. He was no longer the aimless boy she broke up with. She was falling in love again, this time with a better man who had a his head on his shoulders.

10. That hair-raising moment when Karan made it to the top and made his country proud. 

It’s been years and this film still gives us goosebumps.