In a tragic case, a 12-year-old girl died of sunstroke in Beed district of Maharashtra on Tuesday while she was fetching water in the drought-hit region.

The temperature was a blistering 42 degrees Celsius in the district, when Yogita Desai reportedly made about four trips from her home to the nearest water pump which is about half a kilometre away, reports NDTV

She was making her fifth journey to the pump when she collapsed.

“Schools were closed, so she went to fetch water in order to help us as we are facing extreme water scarcity” said Yogita’s uncle Ishwar to ANI

The NDTV report also said that the 12-year-old had been suffering from dysentery for some time before her death. Doctors who attended to her said she died of a heart attack and dehydration.

The government has said that 33 crore people in 2.5 lakh villages of Maharashtra are facing water shortage, reports News18

Beed is one of the worst affected districts in the parched region of Marathwada, where the water level in dams is at a chilling 3 percent, reports Times Of India

(Feature image source: Twitter | @ANI_news)