Public Service Announcements (PSA’s) are one of the many things that helps people understand the gravity of some serious situations. However, people don’t generally care about a PSA until and unless it really grabs attention or is catchy. 

So, with the help of social media and advertainments, government agencies and welfare organizations have been trying to create awareness among the general public with their creative PSAs. 

Indian Police departments have been using humour to get their message across and they have done a great job at it. 

1. Mumbai Police’s creative and funny posts on road safety are something that REALLY caught all our attention. 

They’ve also been very diligently asking us all to wear a mask and follow Covid-19 precautions. 

2. Bengaluru Police is not very far behind and loves using some pop culture references.  

3. UP Police too makes sure that public safety is intact in a very humorous way.  

4. Even Pune Police has jumped on this bandwagon and deliver their concerns with memes. 

5. This very funny print advertisement by the Goa Police had every information on point. 


There have also been some stellar PSA Campaigns around the world posters that didn’t only make gasp, but also made us think hard about some very important issues. 

6. UKs Crisis.Org campaigned to find a shelter for the homeless.

7. Elm Grove Police, US started a great initiative to help people drive within the speed limit.      

Cramer-Krasselt, Milwaukee, USA

8.  Colorado State Patrol’s advice on tailgating really got us. 

Amelie Company

9. Amnesty International’s powerful poster for basic human rights.

10. WWF’s hard hitting campaign urging us to save the dolphins.

11. UN Women’s campaign against sexism.  

UN Women

12. Acat, a Christian campaign that helps abolish torture used ambient advertisements showing tied hands on public transport in Zurich.  

Creative Minds

Creative and hard hitting.