Cases of snatching in the country have been at an all time rise. But the reasons for a mobile snatching case in Chennai is slightly unusual. 

According to reports, a 13-year-old schoolboy snatched a phone with the help of two criminals so that he could attend his online classes in school. He snatched the phone because his parents couldn’t afford a smartphone for his classes as his father works at a biscuit shop and his mother is a domestic worker. 

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Two offenders from his neighbourhood saw him whiling away time during school hours and came to know that he’s in a desperate need to attend online classes. So, the duo decided to use the boy in their snatching drives so as to not arouse suspicion. They lured him with the offer of a mobile phone in order to make him join them.  

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However, when the police cracked the case and heard the minor’s reason, one kind hearted police officer gifted him a phone for his online classes. The boy was then left off with a warning. 

This incident shows that humanity isn’t dead.