A 14-year-old boy’s egg cart was reportedly overturned and vandalised by civic officials of Indore on Thursday after he refused to pay ₹100 as bribe. 

In the viral video the boy states that the civic officials had asked him to remove his cart in the morning or pay a bribe of ₹100 but, when he refused to give them money, the officials overturned his cart, destroying all the eggs. 

The boy also alleged that his daily sale was already hit due to the pandemic and the loss of his stock would now put additional burden on him, financially. The 14-year-old boy has a family to support and feed. He lives in extreme poverty in a small house at a crematorium. 

He started selling eggs to earn some money but, the Indore administration’s anti-encroachment drive has made matters worse. The young boy was just trying to earn a living, in these difficult times. 

After the video went viral, Twitter users demanded a compensation for the boy’s loss. 

The Madhya Pradesh adminitsration introduced the ‘left-right’ rule for shops and vendors. Under this rule, shops on the right side of the road are allowed to open on one day and vice versa.

However, this decision was slammed by many members of the ruling party. They stated that small businesses were already suffering due to the coronavirus pandemic. They also asked the MP government not to harass street vendors any further.

Please, lets not make life difficult for the poor who are already struggling to make a livelihood.