Friendship is surely the purest form of connection, be it between humans or animals. Especially when it's between animals of different species.

I mean look at these adorable images of unusual animals setting new BFF goals! Aren't they just the cutest?

1. Comforting Hugs

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2. It’s all about enjoying the company

animal frienships
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3. Always annoying each other

Best Friends
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4. Awwwwwww...

Dog and chick
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5. Fuzzy Friends

6. An unconventional friendship

7. Hey, Bro... what’s up?!

Cross species friendship
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8. New BFFs in town

cat and fox
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9. Goofing around

Dog and elephant
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10. Watch out

best friends
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11. A quick nap time

Nap time
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12. Furry Friendship

Two Buddies
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13. What is this behaviour!

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14. Reunion, guys

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15. Just way too adorable

Baby elephant
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Every friend is special!