We all are vella every now and then. Some of us have been vella for sometime now. And some of us are just always vella . Just as the duration of being a vella varies person to person, believe it or not, so does the kind of vella !

Here’s a list of 15 types of vella we all might have been or met at least once in our lifetime:

1. The Lonely Vella

Kya karra hai bhai? Aur bata kya chalra hai? Ghoomne chalte hain kahin.

These guys are always free. No matter how much work they have, they’ll still want to go out and would want YOU to come with them.

2. The Muncher

Aur khaana de do mummy.”

They don’t eat because they are hungry, but just to pass time.

3. The Kaam-Khatam Vella

Mera kaam khatam yaar.. Kya karrun ab main?

They finish their kaam dhaam as soon as possible and then they are all vella .

4. The Social Vella

“This is awesome. Must like it.”

You’ll always find them online: liking, sharing and commenting on all the photos and posts.

5. The Scroller

“Hey! Look at this site… Isn’t it amazing!”

The ones who keep scrolling through sites like Reddit, Tumblr and ScoopWhoop.

6. The Neeche-Chal-na Vella

“Round maarke aate hain naa.

They have Neeche Chalo Compulsive Disorder. Work or no work, round toh maarna hai .

7. The Tu-Kitna-Vella-Hai Vella

Tera paas koi aur kaam nahi hai kya? Kya vellapanti karrta rahta hai.

The one who finds everyone else but himself vella.

8. The Gaming Vella

Abhi I can’t do anything, yeh level khatam karrne do !”

The ones whose lives revolve around games like Counter Strike, Subway Surfer and 2048.

9. The Procrastinator

“Aadhe ghante mein karta hoon…”

These excel in the art of ‘I’ll do it later’.

10. The Chugli -puff

“You know what happened today?”

Gossip kara lo poora din .

11. The Stalker- Vella Hybrid

“Oye! He has a girlfriend! Oh my God.”

Because they are so vella , they start stalking people virtually and sometimes even in real.Helpline Number: 999

12. The Daydreamer

“It would have been so different if…”

They like to get lost in their own land… in their head.

13. The Google Vella

Oye! Apna naam Google karrke dekhti hun .”

These guys are so vella that they Google random things to pass time.

14. The Horizontal Vella

Yaar thodi der rest karr leta hun.

They start by sitting on the bed. But as moments pass, they keep sliding, sliding and sliding… until they are just lying. JUST .

15. The Preacher Vella

“Why are you working so much? Chill yaa.”

They always have something to say to you, no matter what the situation is. They think they have solutions to everything. Which of course, is just a facade.

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