Among the many things that the pandemic has affected, education was one of them. Many were forced to study online, and many couldn’t afford it. 

Meanwhile, schools open, and this 15-year-old made sure she wouldn’t miss it at any cost. 

India times

Meet Sandhya Sahani from Gorakhpur, whose determination to attend school deserves applause as she rows a boat to reach school every day. 

Since the flood hits in Gorakhpur and schools reopened, Sandhya was left with limited options to travel. 


“I couldn’t take online classes as I didn’t have a smartphone. When schools reopened, floods hit the area, so I decided to reach school by boat,” she told ANI.

Her determination to go to school went viral on social media. Many are praising her resilience. 

15-year-old Sandhya is in class 11th, from Ayodhya Das Girls Inter College on Bank Road in the Bahrampur region in Gorakhpur.

Sandhya is a daughter of a carpenter and comes from humble family background. She rows a boat 800 metres daily in the precarious condition of the Rapti river water to reach school from her house.  

She rows the boat till Raj Ghat and takes a tempo from there to reach school.

While people are praising her resilience, and what she is doing is commendable. But, the fact of the matter remains that steps should be taken so that she doesn’t have to row a boat daily just to reach school. 

She further added, “I appeal to the CM to get an embankment constructed in my as flood water has entered many houses and families are forced to live on terraces under plastic sheets.”

You can watch the whole video here.

While we may praise her bravery, we must. But, we also hope she attends school with no such hardship.