On 23rd April 2005, the co-founder of YouTube– Jawed Karim uploaded an 18-second long video and led us into the new age entertainment revolution that literally changed our lives. 


Titled, “Me At The Zoo”, it was the first video to be uploaded on YouTube, exactly 15 years from today. Since then, the video has gotten over 90 million views. 


In this snippet, you can see a very young Jawed briefly describing and giving out pointers about the elephants behind him. 

Honestly, I didn’t even realise how old this video is until it abruptly ended without a “like, share, subscribe” sign off. 


The funny thing is, even though YouTube has evolved to become a whole different universe in itself, this video still remains the only one that has ever been uploaded on Karim’s channel. 


I really cannot believe it has been 15 years since the first video was uploaded on YouTube.