She was standing on the terrace of her home in Delhi’s Mongolpuri area to see a wedding procession in the neighbourhood. But 16-year-old Anjali was hit in the head allegedly by a bullet fired by someone from the marriage procession and after a three-day battle for life, she succumbed to injuries, reports ANI

The incident took place on April 16, when Anjali was standing in the balcony of her home on the second floor when the procession was passing by.

She suddenly collapsed on the floor, unresponsive and in a pool of blood. Neighbours rushed to her father, a tea seller, who has a stall 100 metres from the house. 

A senior police officer speaking to The Hindu said: 

“As the girl collapsed on the ground, many of those attending the wedding, fled from the spot and did not inform the police. Anjali’s parents heard her scream and rushed to the balcony to find her lying in a pool of blood.” 

On being taken to a hospital, a CT-scan revealed that Anjali was hit in the head by a stray bullet reportedly fired during the marriage procession. 

Her family claimed that the doctors were reluctant to operate her and had recommended that Anjali’s organs be donated instead, reports Times Of India

Meanwhile, police have reportedly identified the possible culprit, a 24-year-old cousin of the groom, who fired the shot. However, he is still to be caught. 

Anjali, according to her father, was a bright student and was expecting a good result in the senior secondary board exams that she had written recently. Her father also said she was immensely passionate about becoming a teacher and would spend hours on the internet in cyber cafes trying to learn how to achieve this aim.

“She used to tell her mother that she would buy a house and get the family out of the current rented house. All our dreams have been shattered,” Anjali’s father had said speaking to Times Of India.

(Feature image source: Twitter | @TimesNow)