Not only did we Indians discover “zero”, we also discovered special effects. Yeah, seriously. And ever since, we’ve been putting them to good use. You’d definitely want to show these Indian movie effects to your physics teacher, who’d once refused to give you some grace marks due to which you couldn’t pass gracefully.

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering whether to see these videos or not, kindly do. They’re really short. You’ll have all the time in the world to surf porn later on. Come on, be a sport.

Now, with the blessings of Shri Shri Rajinikanth let’s begin.

1. “I’ll let you know that apart from being a policeman, I’m also a member of the under-38 Indian gymnastic team.”

2. “Apart from being in the gymnastic team, I’m also a part of the Indian javelin throw squad.”

3. That’s how you meet your school friend after a long long time.

4. “Dad, can I get some pocket money?”

5. Rest in peace, shaolin soccer.

6. Surprise, MoFo!

7. That moment, when you realize that you left your charger at home.

8. Is it just me or was that rabbit safer with the eagle?

9. This guy must be having a pink belt in karate. Also, the victory dance in the end. Such skill, much epicness.

10. While Bipasha can light a ‘ beedi ‘with her ‘ jigar’ , Rajinikanth can do the same with his eyes.

11. Such co-ordination. Much satisfaction.

12. I don’t drive fast. I fly slow. Like really slow.

13. That’s what happens when you get kicked by Mithun. Also, is he wearing soccer shoes?

14. Remember the game ‘Road Rash’? Well here’s the live Indian version. Enjoy.

Seriously, the epicness just doesn’t end.

15. Featured here, a really distant Indian cousin of Magneto. How did he do that?

16. And that’s why, you should use ‘ sandhi sudha ‘ hair oil.

17. And, we have the best for the last. If you made it till here, you deserve to see this. Go on. You earned it.

Ever heard of the term ‘unlearn’? Well, you just ‘unlearned’ a lot of physics right now.