We all save up money, or at least try to, for buying something that we’ve always wanted but, Ram Singh, a 17-year-old boy had other plans. He broke his piggy bank and collected his life-long savings to surprise his mother by gifting her a new fridge. 

The 17-year-old boy who hails from Jodhpur saw an advertisement for a fridge in the newspaper so he decided to buy one for his mother’s birthday.

When he reached the showroom he told the owner that he could only pay in coins. At first, the showroom refused to entertain his request but when he informed them about why he desperately wanted to buy a fridge the owner agreed to take money in coins. What a sweet gesture!


He spent 12 years worth of savings to buy his mother a brand new refrigerator. Ram emptied his piggy bank and collected all the coins in a sack that weighed 35 kgs before making his way to the showroom.

But, when he walked into the showroom, he realized that he fell short of ₹2000 but, after seeing his sweet gesture the owner of the showroom was so impressed, that he decided to give Ram a discount of that amount.


Singh says their old refrigerator had gotten spoiled and his mother kept talking about buying a new one so, he wanted to buy one for her, as a birthday gift. Quite a thoughtful gesture.

He managed to collect coins worth ₹13,500 from his piggy bank that took him around 4 hours to count. Even the shop owner didn’t count each and every coin because he believed in Singh’s sincerity towards his mother. Wow!

Ram gave his mother a pleasant birthday surprise that she will definitely never forget. Belated happy birthday aunty!