The people of our country, though politically conflicting at times, are harmonious and warm at heart, every now and then, which instills hope.

In yet another welcoming move, a 170-year-old mosque in Bengaluru opened its gates for non-Muslim people on Sunday, January 19. 

According to News18, hundreds of Hindus, Christians and Sikhs were seen entering the Modi Mosque in the heart of Bengaluru city.

The first of its kind initiative, taken by the Rahmath group, promoted interfaith dialogue and helped commoners mingle inside the mosque, while learning about the Muslim culture.


The event, named ‘Visit My Mosque Day’, was an instant hit among non-Muslims. 

By the afternoon, more than 400 enthusiastic non-Muslim people entered the mosque despite the organizers being prepared for just 170 people. 


Visitors included people from all walks of life – professionals, doctors, teachers, students, writers, housewives and even those who’ve retired. 

The visit included a tour of the mosque, prayers and observation, followed by lunch.


People on Twitter, shared this piece of good news and some even visited the mosque themselves to experience the initiative. 

Even though the current political situation is disturbing to say the least, the initiative was successful.

To make sure no argument breaks out, the Rahmath Group had specially instructed people to avoid any debate related to the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the proposed National Register of Citizens (NRC).