As Delhi tries to get on its feet after recent communal violence in its North-Eastern parts, people (Indian diaspora or otherwise) 18 cities across Europe, including Geneva, Brussels, Krakow, Helsinki and The Hague held protests against the brutality.

Telegraph India

In total, around 1500 people attended the protests to show their support towards those who were harmed in the violence.

In Belgium the protesters braved harsh weather conditions, whereas in Galsgow they sang Hum Dekhenge.

Telegraph India

As for Krakow, people wore black to mourn the loss of lives and distributed tea. Paris saw French citizens in solidarity with Indians as they observed a minute of silence and laid white roses close to the consular office.


In a report by NDTV, an organiser was quoted as saying:

The brutality and extent of violence that was witnessed in Delhi recently has shaken us all. It is high time we stand against this hate-filled ideology that has divided India right down the middle.

The riot death toll rose to 46 today and a Special Investigation Team has been set up for the same.