An 18-year-old boy saved the lives of 75 people because he was up till 4am, watching a web series and noticed something was wrong. So basically, binge-watching is now saving people. 

75 occupants of a two-storey building in Dombivli were saved by the young teenager, Kunal Mohite who saw the kitchen ceiling collapse and alerted his family members and residents. 

Everybody in the building was able to vacate the space before the building came crashing down on 29th morning. 

We received a notice from the authorities but people residing here are financially very weak. They had no place to go to and thus stayed back here. 

According to officials, the building in the Kopar area was declared dangerous around nine months ago and the residents were asked to vacate their houses. But due to financial reasons, they couldn't do so in time. 

Twitter is lauding the boy for his 'life-saving' addiction to the internet, because let's be honest we've all done it. 

Saving lives, one web series at a time!