They say that one should learn from their parents and follow their footsteps. 

A 19-year-old from Chennai gave it his own twist, when he put the knowledge gained by being around his parents, who were bank employees, and opened his own fake branch.

Kamal Babu from Chennai was the mastermind of the plan that also involved 2 other men. They together opened a fake SBI branch in Panruti, Tamil Nadu. 

And it was all through, as one of the other 2 guys runs his own printing press, while the other makes stamps.

They did all this during the lockdown so that the chances of them getting caught were less.

However, they forgot it’s fake effing bank, not a ‘Adibas’ cap you find in Sarojini. 

Obviously someone informed their branch manager about this and the matter escalated. Later, it was found out that no such official branch exists.

Then, the help of the police was sought and it was found out that these guys had replicated everything and the interiors looked pretty legitimate, which was shocking for the cops.

Anyhow, following that, they were arrested and made to appear before the court.

Why is this both impressive and scary?