What was your colossal achievement in your teenage years? Well, my 19th was squandered in the lockdown so getting out of it was a win. Nonetheless, there are some zealous champs who made the most out of the lockdown and set a world record.

Case in point, a 19-year-old boy named Angel Alvarado from Columbia created a world record for solving one of the most challenging puzzles: Rubik’s cube, not one but three while juggling them.

All it took him was four minutes,31.01 seconds to make his mark in Guinness World Records. 

On April 1st of this year, Alvarado attained the goal. The 19-year-old broke his previous record of 4 minutes 52.43 seconds, which he recorded in May of last year.

Alvarado invested in two years of training to set this record, leveraging the COVID-19 quarantine lockdown to hone his expertise.

This is how amazed the netizens are as he looks no short of a wizard working his magic. 

And all I juggle between are the puzzles life throws at me and miserably fail at it.