As Indians, we take pride in our victories on the cricket field. And why shouldn’t we? After all, we do treat it like a religion here. Everyone is aware of the fact that India has won the ODI World Cup twice in history, and the image of Dhoni hitting that six to fetch us the cup in 2011 is etched in our memory. But what of the one we won in 1983? So many of us were not even born then. However, it is a part of our glorious history and we should know everything there is to know about it. Do you know who we faced in the first game? Or who our highest scorer was? If not that, then how about just identifying the players who were part of the squad?

Let’s see how many you can get right. Take the quiz below and find out:

Interestingly, having a coach was a rarity those days, but we did have a manager. Can you guess who he was?