Do you remember the ‘Kauwa Biryani’ scene from Run? I am sure you do. Why am I asking this? Yeah, well mostly because that shit is real!


In fact, according to Vice, two people have been arrested for selling chicken mixed with crow meat after the locals noticed that crows kept dying from eating rice offered at a temple in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu. 

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The report states that this shady business was exposed when people going to a local temple noticed crows dying after they were fed rice. Upon investigation, it was found that the birds were being fed liquor-laced rice. 


The cops are now investigating roadside eateries in the town to see how big this scam is. 


Vice reports that a similar situation had arisen in Chennai in 2018 when the Food Safety Department had discovered more than a 1,000 kilos of meat arriving on a train from Jodhpur. What was worse was that eye-witnesses saw long tails on the carcasses. The case was however never solved.