After the agonies of admission, the nervous first week of making friends and finding your way around the campus, life in Delhi University becomes an unforgettable phase in your life. With or without your knowledge, DU becomes part of you. Here are 20 signs that show, you hail from the magical place that is Delhi University!

1. Metro and Vishwavidyalaya Metro Station seem like second home to you

2. Bargaining with rickshaw pullers becomes your birthright

3. Electric rickshaws are your favourite technological invention

4. Free pizzas means election time bitches

5. You use FC(foundation courses), MC and BC in the same breath

6. No matter what time of the month it is, you are always broke

7. Paying more than 200 bucks for food is equivalent to having dinner at Leela

8. Before college, you feel like this

9. After college, you turn into this

10. You know how to use ‘jugaad’ to get your internals and attendance sorted

11. Caféteria and canteen are two EXTREMELY different things.

12. You experience random people pretending to be your friends before fests for free passes

13. When attendance benefits matter more than assignments

14. When autos seem like a luxury

15. When ten year booklets are as sacred as the Bible

16. When you learn more about perfect competition from rickshaw walas than in the classroom

17. When attending early morning classes is worthy of winning the Nobel Prize

18. When coming late to classes means finding seats only on the first bench

19. When you realize the true meaning of ‘team effort’ while sitting for internals

20. When you complete your portions only 10 days before the exams

Coolest things happen in DU! Like SRCC's Histrionica 2014.

Sri Ram College Of Commerce is holding their annual theatre fest, Histrionica from 24th to 27th of Feb. Check out their uber cool website or follow them on Facebook for more information. Do show up if you are In Delhi. They have a great show lined up.Click to view poster

Disclaimer: is Histrionica's Youth Partner. Aww yeah!