These are troubling times but that doesn’t mean that we should abandon hope. Even in this scenario of despair and misery, there plenty of happy stories to look forward to.

Some of them are listed here:

1. Man uses a drone to ask out neighbour and goes on a date in a ‘bubble’ later.

2. Anushka Sharma gives a haircut to Virat Kohli amid lockdown.

3. Doctors are attaching smiling photos of themselves on their PPEs to ease patients. 

4. Its time to roll baby!

5.  Bringing hope through one simple phrase.


6. Rock is teaching her daughter the art of social distancing with a ‘Moana’ song.

7. BBC news presenter, Victoria Derbyshire, had written the phone number of domestic abuse hotline on her hand while she was on air.


8. Missing music? Backstreet Boys’ got your back.

9. Arnold Schwarzenegger is hanging out with his mini horses, Whiskey and Lulu and is sending us an important message.

10. Cause normal toys are too mainstream!


11. Some heros don’t need capes!

12. Cavanaugh Bell, 7, spent all of his savings to make Coronavirus care packages for senior citizens.


13. Anesthesiologist retrofits ventilator, making it usable for 9 patients simultaneously.

14. Kennels go empty after every animal gets adopted. 

15. WW2 veteran celebrated his 104th birthday, after recently making a recovery from COVID-19.

16. A mystery man bought all the flowers just before the shop was forced to close.

17. Condition of Yamuna and Ganga improves due to lockdown.


18. China enroute to normalcy.


19. Cops are using innovative ways to spread awareness.


20. Life must go on.

The Atlantic

“I know you cannot live on hope alone, but without it, life is not worth living.” – (Harvey Milk, Movie – Milk, Actor – Sean Penn)