The number of coronavirus cases in India are on the rise again. Today, 26,291 new Covid cases were reported. And, this is a cause for concern as it is the highest 1-day rise in almost 3 months. 

The state of Maharashtra alone has reported 16,620 cases in the last 24 hours. 

But, some people are still not taking the virus seriously. Take this picture for example. Despite the imposition of complete lockdown, people in Maharashtra’s Nagpur were seen jogging, walking and exercising outdoors. 

A complete lockdown was announced in Nagpur City Police Commissionerate area by the authorities from March 15 to 21 due to surge in Covid cases. 

People on social media are not pleased with the careless attitude by those who aren’t following the rules. 

As per reports, Nagpur reported 2,252 new cases yesterday.