There is no dearth of talent in this country and these days, social media plays a crucial role in discovering that talent for us.

The latest one to grab our attention is Saurav Kishan, a young 23-year-old singer from Kozhikode who has won the hearts of his audience with his melodious Mohammed Rafi songs. 

Some of his videos were shared on Twitter by a user, Judish Raj.

Netizens are mesmerised with his soulful voice and are applauding his talent.

Saurav, who is presently pursuing his degree in Medicine from China, talked to ScoopWhoop about his music journey.

Surrounded by music, mostly old Hindi and Malayalam, I began humming when I was just four. Soon I was participating in competitions and programmes and Rafi’s songs were part of my repertoire.

Known as chhota Rafi, Saurav also runs a YouTube channel by the name Saurav kishan.