Nearly 231 fossilised dinosaur eggs and a dinosaur skeleton were seized in China’s southern Guangdong Province, when a police raided a house last week on July 29.

The eggs which were seized by the cops, belong to the Cretaceous Period, which dates back to the time (about 65 million years ago) that marks the mass extinctions, when dinosaurs died out, except for the birds, according to a Xinhua report. The skeleton was later identified as belonging to a Psittacosaurus, the dinosaur lacking horns and having only the beginning of a frill.


Local residents plundered a construction site where a large number of dinosaur eggs were found in June, and again on July 28 when more eggs were found in the area, prompting police action the next day to retrieve the lost fossils. The laws of China have placed fossilised creatures under state ownership. It is forbidden to own such fossils unless it is a specialised institution.

The museum of Beijing city has entered the Guinness Book Of World Record for bearing a collection of 10,000 dinosaur eggs. Heyuan, which is situated which is situated near the Guangdong Province is popularly known as the hometown of the dinosaur in China, with many fossilised eggs discovered over the decades.


I am trying to imagine how Ross would have reacted.

It isn’t everyday that you hear about people with dinosaur bones in their house, do you now?