A mosque in New Delhi’s Ashok Nagar Gali No. 5 was vandalized yesterday (February 25) and a flag bearing a picture of Lord Hanuman and line Jai Shree Ram was placed atop the minaret.

According to a report by The Quint, the flag is still placed there.

The Quint

In a video doing rounds on the internet, a few people were seen climbing the mosque, vandalising it and putting the flag on top of the minaret.

They were chanting Hinduon ka Hindustan (a Hindustan for Hindus).

There were also reports of a number of houses being looted by the miscreants while police remained absent from the spot.

It was later said that this was a fake video, but the presence of the flag on the mosque proves otherwise. 

The confusion started because there is a mosque with a similar name in Delhi’s Ashok Vihar, while this incident happened in Ashok Nagar. Fact check done by Alt News showed that the news of the mosque being vandalized is real.

The Wire

As of now, 19 people have been reported dead in the violence over the protests against Citizenship Amendment Act. This includes a police officer and a 22-year-old auto driver from Uttar Pradesh. Shoot at sight was also implemented in the North-Eastern parts of Delhi last night.