25 men were tied with a rope and forced to chant ‘gau mata ki jai’ while doing sit-ups and holding their ears for allegedly transporting cattle to Maharashtra. The incident occurred in Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh on Sunday.


According to News18, more than 100 villagers then paraded the tied-up men over 2 kms to a police station. A video of the incident showed people recording the men and forcing them to chant.

Shiv Dayal Singh, Khandwa Superintendent of Police, said, 

We have booked the people ferrying the cattle without requisite permissions. We have also lodged a case against the villagers, including farmers, for ill-treating those booked for unauthorised cattle transport.

The incident has come on the heels of the Madhya Pradesh Assembly session, in which the Kamal Nath government will most likely present a legal amendment to curb violence in the name of cow protection.