In what can be called bizarre, a 28-year-old woman was reportedly diagnosed with 4th stage lung cancer, claims a report from ANI

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Belonging to a non-smoking family, the chances of suffering from one such disease were meagre for the girl, let alone the possibility of a 4th stage cancer. 

Doctors suspect the highly polluted and toxic air in the city can be a cause for the disease. 

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Even though smoking has been one of the leading causes for throat and lung cancer in individuals, various other factors like inhaling passive smoke, fumes and breathing toxic air can also lead to the same. 

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Speaking to ANI, Ganga Ram Hospital’s Chest surgeon, Dr Arvind Kumar said: 

I suspect the reason behind it is polluted and toxic air in Delhi. Polluted air also contains elements found in cigarettes. It isn’t an isolated case. 

Claiming he had seen such cases before, he continued: 

I have reported such cases earlier too. On an average I have seen 2-3 lung cancer cases every month in non-smoking individuals in their early 30s. But this is the first case in 20s. 

The girl is currently being treated at Sir Ganga Ram hospital in Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi.