It’s not every day that your song goes viral on the internet, that too about dinosaurs in love but, who said that was impossible?

A 33-year-old, London based singer/sing writer Tom Rosenthal, shared an adorable video of his daughter Fenn, giving her first solo performance ever about “Dinosaurs in love”.

In an interview with Mashable, Rosenthal said he and his daughter enjoyed messing around in his home studio, when “Dinosaurs in Love” was composed. 

In the tweet mentioned above, Fenn says his daughter came up with the lyrics and he just helped her along the way with the tune. This song is Fenn’s first solo creation and we are totally in love with it.

Wondering, what the lyrics are?It goes something likes this:

Dinosaurs eating people
Dinosaurs in love
Dinosaurs having a party
They eat fruit and cucumber
They fell in love
They say ‘thank you’
A big bang came
And they died
Dinosaurs dinosaurs fell in love
But they didn’t say good bye
But they didn’t say good Bye

Ouch! (The ending is heart-breaking, isn’t it.)

It goes without saying that Twitter also couldn’t avoid something this adorable, so they naturally had some beautiful things to say about the video:

Her song has already crossed 400,000 views on Twitter and likes are still pouring in.