Last year, the Statue Of Unity was inaugurated, dedicated to the nation by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. It was meant to attract tourists. Apparently, near the world's tallest statue, a 30-feet-tall model of a dinosaur was constructed, worth Rs 2 crore, in an attempt to attract more tourists. Unfortunately, that model has collapsed within a month of its construction. 

There have been no injuries reported, but the collapse of the model has raised several questions about the viability of the project and who cleared the project in the first place. This project also aims at constructing a number of attractions such as river rafting, a safari park near the Statue of Unity. 

Gujarat is home to the world's third largest dinosaur fossil site in Balanisor. Close to Balanisor is Raiyoli village where India’s first Dinosaur Museum and Fossil Park was opened just 3 months ago. The dinosaur model near the Statue could be an attempt to garner attraction from tourists for the same. 

With the collapse of this model, the citizens of Twitter had some interesting reactions to this incident.