The lockdown has everybody doing their bit to help those in need. And this latest story of a 30-year-old auto-rickshaw driver feeding migrant workers has inspired us. 

Akshay Kothawale told PTI that he had saved up Rs. 2 lakh for his wedding which got postponed due to the lockdown. And so he decided to use the money he saved to feed migrant workers who were stranded on the streets of Pune.

I saw several people on roads who could not even afford to have one meal and were struggling to survive. I and some of my friends then thought of doing something to help the daily wagers and needy people. I decided to use my savings for the cause and some of my friends also chipped in. 

-Akshay Kothawale to PTI


Before he set up the kitchen, Akshay was helping by offering free rides to senior citizens and pregnant women in his vehicle to clinics. Now, him and his friends have decided to feed those in need. They hope to continue providing food to people until at least May 31.