Huge sharks once roamed in Texas, during the Carboniferous period, the age even before the dinosaurs. The scientists of US mentioned about them in an article published in the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology . They have recently recovered two fossil braincases from the extinct antecedent of modern day sharks.

The size range of these super sharks varied from 18 feet to 26 feet. The largest of these sharks was nearly 25 percent bigger than the Great White Shark . These fossils of the extinct species are called Glikmanius occidentalis. They comprise a new and larger form of species and has become a new chapter in science, as reported by India Today .

Glikmanius occidentalis | Source: Dallas Paleontological Society

Researchers of Dallas Paleontological Society and American Museum of Natural History estimated that the size of the largest shark. It was commonly called ‘Megalodon’, which is much younger nearly 15 million years old. According to the researchers the newly found fossils go much further back into the fossil record.

At an earlier time, sharks were recovered from rocks dating back 130 million years ago. Scotland found evidences of these closely related shark which were capable of dispersing across great distances.