The situation in Afghanistan is grave. And the stories coming from the cities, and even the airport are heartbreaking to say the least. At a time like this, it is our prerogative, as human beings to reach out and offer any help we can. 

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And while that is true for many people and even brands who have opened their homes and hearts to Afghans for shelter and solace, at the Kabul airport, bottled water is being sold at a steep price of $40 – that’s Rs. 3000 for us. No, this is not in the Afghan currency. So those who don’t have dollars, and that sum of money, are stranded. 

Even a plate of rice is being sold at $100, which is approximately Rs. 7,500. 

The majority of the people cannot afford to pay such exorbitant amounts for water and food.

Afghanistan’s currency is not being accepted at the airport to buy water or food. Payments are only made in dollars. Due to this, people are forced to stand in the sun with a hungry stomach.

A report in Hindustan Times, confirmed that at Kabul airport one bottle of water is selling for $40 and a plate of rice for $100, not Afghan currency but dollars, that’s out of the reach for the common people.” 

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As the deadline to withdraw US troops comes near, i.e. 31st August, people want to leave the country as soon as possible.

Here’s how people are reacting to this. 

This is not the world we need.