In times like these, it is highly important that people stay indoors as much as possible.  If they have to go out, they must strictly follow social distancing protocols. THose are the rules. 


But it would appear that this memo did not reach Delhi. As many as 31 people were arrested from the national capital on Tuesday for attending a party at a nightclub called ‘Playgue’. The party reportedly served liquor ad hookah. 

Fress press journal

Speaking to the Indian Express about the arrest, DCP (Outer) Dr A Koan said: 

The owner Lovish Khurana and his brother Kashish Khurana, who were present at the club at the time, have been arrested under various IPC sections, Excise Act, Epidemic Act, Disaster Management Act, and Cigarette & Other Tobacco Products Act. Other 29 people are out on bail.

According to reports, the bar had been reopened for the first time on Tuesday since the lockdown. The DCP also said that 77 bottles of beer, seven bottles of different hard liquor, and eight hookahs had been recovered from the party. 

A day before the party, the organiser, who was not present at the venue at the time of raid, made a WhatsApp group and messaged its members about the party. During night patrolling, the beat constable noticed many cars parked outside, and people walking in and out. 

-DCP (Outer) Dr A Koan

Indian Express

The owner claimed that since his business had suffered since March, he had decided to take a chance by reopening it and wanted to ‘figure it out’ if the police intervened. 

Sometimes, I swear there’s just something about this place that is just beyond help.