With the ever-increasing cases of coronavirus being registered in India, we’re on our way to a shortage of medical care for patients. In fact, some hospitals in Maharshtra are already inundated with more cases than they have doctors for. To that end, the government had made an appeal to doctors, even the retired ones, to join the fight against the pandemic.

According to Hindustan Times, over 38,000 doctors, including those retired from the Armed Forces Medical Services, have volunteered to help fight Covid-19.

An official told PTI, 

38,162 volunteer doctors, including retired government, Armed Forces Medical Services, public sector undertaking or private doctors have signed up with the government to battle COVID-19 pandemic.

India’s public health facilities were at risk of being overloaded, which is why the government had appealed for health workers to return. India is currently the 9th worst-hit country by coronavirus.

The government had made a request for volunteer doctors who are fit and willing to provide their services in the public health facilities and the training hospitals in the near future.

New Indian Express

Considering there have been over 4700 deaths in India, our medical sector needs all the help it can get.