In a Draupadi redux from epic Mahabharata, a 38-year-old woman has claimed she was raped by two men after her husband “lost her” to them in a game of gambling, police said today.

The woman registered a complaint during a weekly public hearing organised by police here yesterday. However, a case is yet to be registered.

The woman alleged that sometime back her husband “lost her” in a gambling bet to two people. Later the men allegedly raped her claiming they had “won her from her husband” who had put her at stake in a game of gambling, a police officer said.

b’The woman registered a complaint during a weekly public hearing| Source: PTI’

The woman said she separated from her husband after the incident but he and the two men were constantly harassing her, the officer said.

Indore’s Women Police Station in-charge Jyoti Sharma told PTI that all persons concerned have been summoned to record their statements on the woman’s complaint.

“Since the allegations are yet to be corroborated, no case has been registered so far,” Sharma said.

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